All Hair Straightening specialists are not the same!

Most stylists who straighten hair also cut, color, and provide other services. Dax and Lindsay — who since 2002 have done nothing but Thermal Reconditioning/Japanese Straightening and Keratin Straightening treatments — are true hair straightening specialists.

Why is this important? For the same reason you’d want your heart doctor to be a specialist, rather than someone who performed the occasional heart surgery.

Most stylists that straighten work alone, or with inexperienced assistants, or in an “assembly line” with many other stylists who have varying experience levels. Dax and Lindsay work as a team, allowing them to work patiently and meticulously, and cut your chair-time in half!

Any stylist can become a certified hair straightening “specialist” after a 3-hour certification class, taught by the companies who sell the products, and therefore, have a vested interest in the productivity of the stylist. The more clients the stylist works on, the more money the company makes. This relationship perpetuates a dynamic that is unfavorable to the client, and the industry as a whole. Many of the horror stories circulating the internet result from stylists who are far too inexperienced and taught to straighten hair that shouldn’t receive the treatment.

With money the ultimate objective, this dynamic is encouraged by many salons. The winners are the salon owners and stylists who get their commissions and the companies that sell products for both straightening and hair repair. Unfortunately the client loses, ending up with damaged hair and who are out a lot of money.

Dax and Lindsay have a work model that is the complete opposite. At the core of their philosophy are two things:

  1. They test every potential client’s hair before performing any thermal reconditioning (Japanese Straightening) treatment. They let you see and feel the results of this test to make sure you’re happy with it. If they determine there will be anything less than a great result, they will not do your hair.
  2. There is a life’s law that dictates “what you put out in the world comes back”. In our case, we believe if we do great work, great things will come back to us in the form of happy, loyal clients. This may be why our client reviews are second to none. While our competitors are championing “Best of” awards in magazines– which are meaningless because no contest is held between stylists– irons, and products, Dax and Lindsay live by the kind words of happy, loyal clients who know they will get the ultimate hair experience every time.

With Dax and Lindsay’s 25 years of combined experience taking the ultimate care of your hair, the question, “Why us” becomes simply, “Why NOT us”?

Hair Straightening Specialist Lindsay
Hair Straightening Specialist Dax


``Although I've been getting thermals for almost 6 years my experience with Lindsay and Dax has made me realize that all my previous thermals have never been done correctly.``
``Lindsay and Dax are extremely experienced in the Thermal Reconditioning process. They truly care about your hair's health and the results of the treatment.``
Leah W.
``There has been a miracle. I've waited for this day my whole life to get out of the shower and only have about 5 minutes of hair prep and bam done, smooth and straight… never thought I'd see this day, but alas I'm a believer.``
Kelly M.
``My hair is no longer frizzy. It feels smooth to the touch and requires no maintenance (I just blow and go).
Carol I.