“They really make dreams come true! (that is, if your dream is to have straight, GORGEOUS hair!)”

— Ramie G.

“I am a bit obsessed when it comes to my hair and it was nice to find perfectionists I can trust.”

— Kelly D.

“Yes, it does change your life (in the best possible way) and yes, it is critical that you trust your hair to the experts.”

— Mary I.

“Lindsay and Dax are meticulous and absolutely, positively know what they are doing. They take Thermal Reconditioning very seriously, take pride in their work and they are talented.”

— Susan H.

“Don’t go to someone who promises to do it at half the price because you’ll likely end up with half the hair.”

— Noel R.

“For anyone looking for 150% satisfaction- stop looking around- just go to them and have fun.”

— Sangeeta P.

“Not only are they ethical and professional, but they’re just really interesting people and the time just flew by with them.”

— Alana G.

“It used to take me over 2 hours to straighten my hair, now it barely takes 20 minutes. Now, it could be 100% humidity or raining, but my hair stays totally straight and does not fluff up as before.”

— Asieh M.

“When I left the building, I even got a compliment from the doorman. He said, That must be Dax and Lindsay’s work. I love it!”

— Meg H.

“My hair looks incredible- just in time to defend itself from the foggy San Francisco summer!”

— Jennifer E.

“You will not find more competent specialists who truly have great hearts and care about their clients.”

— Raksha S.

“I have had Japanese Straightening on prior occasions at different salons. Lindsay and Dax are, dare I say, heads and shoulders above all the others.”

— Jy Y.

“If you have become a slave to your hair, these 2 will break you free. My only regret is that I waited this long to get this done.”

— Aliya B.

“These 2 are absolutely one of the best in the country.”

— Sedjenane C.

“I’ve always dreamed of having straight and silky beautiful hair.”

— Randi C.